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Infos about eGate

Version 1.6.82 - 13.11.2023

- When activating participants, the deactivation date is now set to 1.1.2030 and, if possible, the Sub-TNr. is set to 0.

Version 1.6.81 - 01.09.2023

- Bugfix for traffic evaluation for accounts with very many messages.

Version 1.6.80 - 01.08.2023

- Navigating in the groups to the user lists and from there to the users was not possible, the bug is fixed.

Version 1.6.79 - 21.06.2023

- When saving the message, the file name is now also determined from the Content-Type if it is not in the Content-Disposition.

Version 1.6.78 - 01.05.2023

Changed in this version: - Bug fixes for the internal MDN search. - Correction when running internal tasks

Version 1.6.77 - 08.03.2023

Changed in this version: - Syntax highlighting of ANSI X.12 messages. - Preview of messages increased from 10 lines to 100 KB

Version 1.6.76 - 01.03.2023

Changed in this version: - Non-customer accounts can now be closed via tasks.

Version 1.6.75 - 12.12.2022

Changed in this version: - Bugfix for traffic display, for quota changes in the future.

Version 1.6 - 08.11.2021

In this version has changed: - Blocked messages now show the reason in the tooltip - Added a reference to the message to the "Error reports" display - Added a new "Instructions and Help" page with helpful actions and information: - Link to our contact form, participant search and wizard. - A newly created eGate Wiki, which is regularly maintained and expanded - With the ability to quickly and conveniently send your own contact information to partners - Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 1.5 - 10.11.2020

In this version has changed: - When creating users, the quota is assigned according to the current rules - Further checks for the checksum of the participant number at user creation

Version 1.4 - 20.10.2020

In this version has changed: - Bug fixing when creating users. - Further checks of the TNr. during partner creation - Edit user: Advanced error messages and error checking during quota creation

Version 1.3 - 28.07.2020

In this version has changed: - The display on mobile devices has been optimized - Modal views can now be enlarged and moved - Various bug fixes and performance improvements